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The affiliate program gives you up to 20% commissions for sales made from people you refer to the website.
How our affiliate program works: - We have coded our affiliate program into our website and our databases to maximize affiliate tracking. When you refer someone, they are tracked by cookies until they sign up. Once they have signed up YOUR affiliate ID is placed into the database with their profile. This means your affiliate ID is a part of their profile. When someone makes a purchase online with our website, they must sign in to their profile to make their purchase. This helps to guarantee that your referrals and commissions will be tracked as accurately as possible. Also, once someone has signed up with your affiliate ID, your affiliate ID can never be removed from their profile information, meaning they will be your referral for as long as they are our customer. This is great news for you because this can produce residual income for you, as many of our customers are very pleased with the quality of our products and customer service and the speed at which they get their orders, and continue to order from us after their first order.

Commission Table
Sales TierMonthly Sales VolumeCommissions Earned
Tier 1$0 to $100010% of all Sales in Tier 1 Range
Tier 2$1000 to $2500Tier 1 plus 15% of Sales in Tier 2 Range
Tier 3Over $2500Tiers 1 & 2 plus 20% of Sales above $2500

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Affiliate Policy: Commissions will accrue until you request a commission check for your commissions. You must have accrued at least $50 before requesting a check. Commissions, affiliate & commission policies are subject to change without notice and may vary from product to product. Commissions are also subject to being decreased if referred customer is using a coupon or discount to make their purchase. Commission percentages are based on net price of products purchased, and do not include price of shipping or sales tax. As an affiliate you are responsible for keeping your own records for federal and state taxes, and for filing and paying any tax on commissions paid from
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